Not Dieting Means Not Rebounding

Beating yourself up doesn't work. Swearing off chocolate doesn't work. Locking the cabinets or staying at a weight loss resort where you have zero access to extra foods actually can work... for a week. But then the rebound kicks in because these things make us profoundly uncomfortable.

Rebounding after a weight loss diet is the norm, because diets make us uncomfortable. They take away our freedom, deny us foods we really love, and can cause physical annoyances like always-there hunger and low energy. Who would choose to stay uncomfortable for the remainder of their life?

Losing weight and maintaining that change permanently is only possible when the changes are comfortable and rewarding enough that we want to do them forever. So, we've made those changes comfortable and rewarding.

What is this magic you speak of?

It works like this: Complicated directions and confusing methods are painful. We utilize simplicity and clarity, and teach how to do things, where others just tell you to do them.

Denying yourself is distressing. We show you how to maximize enjoyment and satisfaction so choosing differently doesn't mean opting for something lousier.

Going it alone is tedious. Having an expert coach as your companion transforms a long, boring chore into an exploration that feels enriching.

Doing things just to lose weight gets old. Fast. When your choices not only reshape your body but reward you with self-respect, freedom of choice and connection with your body, you aren't going to go back.

When the methods feel good, no rebound is in sight.

Gain some time you lost dieting by getting a fast-forward

Going it alone can work, but how often have we all done the usual pattern? We pick our goal and it's a good one, we believe in it. We pick a plan. It is also pretty amazing, we think. We get to work on it. First few days are great, but since it's work, it can be tough. Then, a week in and we find we took a day off. We earned it, no biggie. Another week later and we might recognize that we just aren't doing what we planned.

That's were a coach can make all the difference. To keep you on track and, maybe even more importantly, to really see you.

It can be incredibly difficult to be objective about ourselves.

The solution? Hire one of our coaches to keep you on track and give you their years of experience and expertise