Emotional Eating Has Done It's Job, Time To Let It Go

It just keeps coming. Work is overwhelming. Family conflict has you worried. And even when there's something to celebrate, and you finally have some respite to relax, the overeating keeps happening. If life's river of emotions could just pause for a bit, it would feel possible to eat consistently and reach your goals.

The emotions are going keep flowing, but the current doesn't have to keep washing you over to the pantry every time.

Emotional eating is a catch-all term for hundreds of different behaviors: sad eating, celebratory eating, disappointment eating, anger eating, frustration eating...it would be a long list.

This catch-all label actually encompasses the problem perfectly: using food as a catch-all for managing feelings. The way out is conceptually obvious, but blindingly difficult to figure out on your own. Stopping emotional eating meals learning what to do with your emotions instead.

Easier said than done! Here's how we do it.

  1. We recognize that ANY catch-all response for the wide array of human emotions is problematic.
  2. We get specific. Which emotions are resulting in you turning to food? For some people it's every strong feeling, for other people only specific trigger feelings exist.
  3. We teach you step by step to recognize different emotions, amass, and develop a toolkit of effective, healthy responses for each one.

Become a confident, sensible eater

Going it alone can work, but how often have we all done the usual pattern? We pick our goal and it's a good one, we believe in it. We pick a plan. It is also pretty amazing, we think. We get to work on it. First few days are great, but since it's work, it can be tough. Then, a week in and we find we took a day off. We earned it, no biggie. Another week later and we might recognize that we just aren't doing what we planned.

That's were a coach can make all the difference. To keep you on track and, maybe even more importantly, to really see you.

It can be incredibly difficult to go it alone.

The solution? Hire one of our coaches to keep you on track and give you their years of experience and expertise