Binge Eating Has A Surprising Root

"Just one last time".

Have you said this to yourself a few hundred times over the years? You envision life as it could be without binges, eating normally, no secrecy or shame, finally being in control of your eating and your body. But then there's that urgent desire, to do it *one more time*.

The pull to repeat and reinforce a harmful pattern of eating points to the biggest misunderstanding about binge eating. It is not all bad. It is serving a function for you. This "good part" about binge eating is different for each person. When we fully clarify the reasons you personally rely on binge eating, we have the roadmap to getting it out of your life.

Let's discover what binge eating is doing for you. Then, let's outsource those roles to other sources, by getting you the comfort, calm, release, or fun you need. Let's render your binge eating so obsolete so you don't want to do it "one last time", because you have better things to do.

We have three ways to help you "Break Up With Binge Eating"

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