Georgie's Mentorship

The problem with becoming a nutrition coach is that you have a zillion choices for where to learn about nutrition, and practically no resources to learn about coaching.

We've all heard people say "I know what I want to do, I'm just not doing it" when it comes to their eating and workout routines. For nutrition and fitness professionals, this same refrain often is accurate for our client interactions:

But we just aren't doing it. Only some of our clients seem to be motivated. Only some folks are getting results while many people seem to be spinning their wheels. Some people don't seem convinced, no matter how many different ways we try to convey the information. And we see so much untapped potential in the people we work with.

You don't need to try harder. You need a mentor.

Effective coaching isn't a black box of mystery. It's a set of skills - such as how you listen, how you ask questions, the challenges you select for your clients and how you support them along the way. If no one has shown you exactly how to do these optimally, how would you ever know?

Our mentorship develops your skills so that you can coach more effectively and with greater confidence (yes, even that difficult client you just thought of). And like most activities, as you build your skills, coaching becomes increasingly enjoyable.

The nuts and bolts:

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