Breaking Up With Binge Eating

"It would be easy to lose weight if I could just stop sneaking off to gorge on junk food alone in my car. The harder I try, the worse it gets. It's like an alien takes over my body." ~ Claire

Six Months From Now You Could Be Living Life Confident That You've Kicked Binge Eating For Good So That You Can Lose Weight, (Or Maintain Because It's 100% Your Choice)

Amanda couldn't go. Her stomach hurt and it felt like her skin was about to burst, but that wasn't the most painful part.

This was the third time she had to cancel plans with her old roommate from college because she binged an hour before.

It has been ten years since she lived with Jennifer, and when they agree to meet her nerves get to her, and it triggers a binge.

They were the best of friends in college and very much alike. Both graduated with honors from their master's programs. Both were, and are, intelligent. Each was popular, kind, funny, and hard-working.

They shared something else, too, even though they didn't know it.

Both started secretly binge eating when they lived together. It's more common than people think for roommates to start binge eating in college.

Today they still have a lot in common. Both are very successful in their careers. Both have traveled a lot, and both have rich lives.

One important difference, though.

Jennifer hasn't binged in years. She's healthy, lean, fit, energetic, and lives her life her way. Free from thinking about food all day.

What Made The Difference?

We can tell you that it isn't the usual suspects.

It isn't that Amanda didn't want it as much. It wasn't that she didn't try as hard. It sure wasn't determination, either.

We tend to blame ourselves. We feel shame. There must be something wrong with us.

None of that is true.

Jennifer was lucky enough to see what others didn't. She identified the path from binge eating, to not binge eating, and then all the way to eating like a "normal person."

That last part is critical. The job isn't done at not bingeing.

The "Breaking Up With Binge Eating Program" is the only program designed to take you the whole way to living confidently in your body and eating without worry.

Other programs stop at not binge eating, and eventually that leads us right back to where we started.

What Are Our Options?

1. Treatment centers.

Some treatment centers do a great job of helping us stop binge eating while we're there. While in a controlled environment, we can make good progress, but we know what happens when we return to the real world. It's not good.

These treatment centers cost thousands of dollars, and not only do they not take us all the way past not-bingeing, but they don't prepare us for when we return to the old life.

2. Intuitive Eating / Health at Every Size Programs.

We love intuitive eating and body acceptance. Both of those go a very long way to ending binge eating. We use these principles, too.

As far as these programs go, they don't go all the way. For one thing, what about weight loss? Some folks are encouraged to avoid losing weight, but most of us know that excess weight is still a health risk, and we need to eat in a way that supports our whole health, not just our mental health.

Plus, even if we accept ourselves and learn to eat intuitively, that doesn't mean we are free of emotional eating, which is the precursor to binge eating. And what if your intuition wants chocolate cake all the time?

3. Bright Line Eating (and other diets).

A prevalent practice is to go on a stringent diet, using rules to eliminate "bad behavior." This can work for some of us, but most of us end up making the restrict/binge cycle worse.

Rules-based eating might stop the binge for a time, but it worsens the triggers when they show up again, and they always show up again.

4. 12-Step Programs.

Programs like Overeaters Anonymous have also worked for some of us. However, one thing that doesn't work for many of us is that the 12-Step Programs set us up in a way that is a double-edged sword.

They teach us that we are diseased and powerless. For some of us, great, that works. We are like the addict who cannot go to restaurants and work functions without significant pain, for that is where we are "powerless." That's where the triggers are.

For the rest of us, we need to beat the binge, not accept that it beats us.

5. Books like "Brain Over Binge."

It is a great read and a powerful inspiration. There are a lot of useful tools in that book and especially its follow-up workbook. For some of us, this does the trick. We commit to quitting and use the tools to deal with binge urges.

However, to be free, we need to go further. We have to get to "normal."

Introducing The "Breaking Up With Binge Eating" Program

The way to progress from dealing with binging all the way to not having a binge issue at all, so that we can lose weight if we want or not.

So that we can eat intuitively and stay lean and healthy without worry.

Breaking Up With Binge Eating is a coaching program, not just a course. We have coaches that are there for you every step of the way. We don't hide them behind funky policies and recorded coaching calls.

Georgie and Maryclaire are right there with you in the group, chatting, answering questions, and helping you when you need it. If you are lucky enough to work one-on-one with Georgie or Maryclaire, you have a real partner in this.

We do have a curriculum, though! Each week you get a lesson and a practice that we'll be there to help you with.

Our next group starts Wednesday, May 29, 2024.

Including, but not limited to, the following:

Bonus #1: You get six phone calls to talk to a coach when you need them most. You are in control of when you use them. You'll get a one-on-one with a coach without paying for one-on-one prices. And we understand the importance of getting them quickly when you want them.

When you end up feeling really low, and you need that lifeline, you don't want to wait long. We'll have you feeling better and doing better before other coaches fit you into their calendars.

Bonus #2: Accountability Groups

Taking steps every day toward goals is tough. Without support, we get distracted, procrastinate, and lose focus. Before we know it, the actions we committed to doing daily haven't been done in months. In a huge, impersonal program, you can easily go dark or fall through cracks, knowing that nobody will actually notice. There isn't any form of accountability.

Accountability is the anchor that keeps you on task, both on days you feel highly motivated, and days you feel like a soggy mushroom. We use accountability to help you achieve higher levels of consistent action than you can on your own. That leads to attaining your goals and amazing yourself at the same time.

We'll connect you with 2-3 accountability partners working on the same goals.

Our expert coaches ensure that the accountability exchange promotes honesty, support and positivity.

By staying engaged and checking in daily, you'll reap many rewards, including self-trust, satisfaction, and discounts on your program membership. Each day that you check in with your accountability group, you give valuable support to your teammates, improve your own results, and earn $1 off your next month.

Break Up With Binge Eating Today!

Only $179 a month


A note about the price:

Regular programs like this are more than $360/month. We'd like to keep it as low as we can, but you should know that this is a purposefully low price. It's also month-to-month, as in, there's no contract.

It's our twelfth running of the program, and we made it much better than before. We're charging $179/month, this might be where we land on price, but just know that we're still figuring the price out.

The man-hours are extensive, but we'll land on the best price that we can as we grow.